Our executive search team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that we bring your business the talent it needs to drive the results your business needs.  Here is how you can benefit from our approach:

  • We become an executive partner with a team of search experts
  • Dedicated resources put to filling mission-critical positions
  • Results

We have two different search types that are at your disposal, a onetime search and a retained search.  Both have proven effective and offer superior value to our clients and candidates.  Which works best for you will depend on the project and its complexity.

Executive Recruiting

Open Positions

Our clients come to us to help them fill critical roles within their organization.  We search for the right candidate with the right background, skill and experience that you need.  We look for someone that blends with your corporate culture and is more than just a good resume.

Consulting Partner

Everyone from start-ups to seasoned entrepreneurs work with us as a trusted partner, we bring them the talent they need to achieve their business objectives.  Our business expertise takes on a collaborative approach and we use an efficient methodology to deliver consistent and desired results.

Dedicated Resources

When time is critical we can provide the dedicated resources that are necessary to find, attract and engage potential candidates.  Our executive recruiting experts have built partnerships with a broad group of business in varying backgrounds.  We are dedicated to finding not only qualified candidates through our extensive network, we have creative sources and outreach capabilities.

Results Oriented

Our approach to search looks for candidates with not only the correct competencies but also the personal characteristic and unique talent to fit into your business culture.  We provide only the top tier talent ready to take on the challenges that your business offers.  We provide frequent and transparent communication with both the client and candidate throughout the screening process with the goal of building a long term working relationship.

Onboarding New Hires

Our services are designed for executives newly promoted into roles with broader responsibilities and expanded duties.  We can help new hires integrate and assimilate into their new roles quickly.  We have a targeted coaching program that increases the probability of success and effectiveness of new hires.

Executives and decision makers are the driving force behind your business’ growth and success.  Finding the right team to lead your staff is critical to your success.  Let us help you put together the right team to see your business into the future.

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