Ottawa HR Consulting – What They Can Do For You

Human Resource Consulting in Ottawa became prominent out of management consulting. Human Resource Consultants assist clients with incorporating human resource processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations. They help to maximize performance by introducing “best practices” and providing regular feedback. At Salopek Consulting we practice the best strategies that work for companies and its employees.

Salopek & Associates is a team of business and human resource consultants specializing in strategy, human resources and board governance. Serving clients across Canada, with HR consultants in Ottawa, we are available to help you attract, retain and develop the right people and to put effective processes in place that will grow your business.

Established in 2006, Salopek & Associates’ team of HR consultants has worked in the Ottawa area since day one. Our HR consultants in Ottawa partner with organizations to provide expertise on Ontario employment standards, legislation and best practices, supporting strategic business growth and employee success. With a depth of experience in strategic HR, employee engagement, organizational change, training & development, performance management, and managing the cultural impacts of downsizing, our certified team of HR experts support small and medium sized organizations in Ottawa with HR Consulting that is cost effective and tailored to meet the unique needs of your people and business.

To accomplish this, Human Resource Consultants at Salopek Consulting conduct assessments and audits, make recommendations, and coordinate the implementation of a corrective plan to the client. They can also provide legal counseling, as well as facilitate human capital management. They mainly focus on:
• Human Capital – employee incentive programs and talent acquisition
• Health and Benefits – employee health plans
• Communication – surveying employee satisfaction and engagement
With many companies experiencing fast growth, human resource consulting can be a useful tool. The decision to utilize their services may vary, but there are benefits to bringing a consulting firm on board. Performance management for current employees is important, so that they understand what is expected of them and have the opportunities to excel.