The field of labour relations largely deals with issues that come up between employees and management; it can also include compliance with labour laws put forth by the Ministry along with any pertinent unions that may affect your business.  This can involve activities such as maintaining the relationship between management and any union representatives, union activities, responding to grievances, contract disputes, arbitrations, mediations and so much more.

Here are some of the Labour Relations Service we provide:


We have a complex regulatory system that when not adhered to can leave you open to fines from government agencies and litigation from disgruntled employees.  We can help you make sure that you remain compliant and you create a hassle free workplace that is compliant with all government and union rules.

Audits and Assessments

Running annual or semi-annual audits can make sure that you stay not only current but compliant with the laws that govern employee relationships.  You may have older policies in place that may conflict with new regulations and employment laws.  Regular audits can make sure that you not only stay compliant but protect you from any litigation.

A complete HR audit can be as completed in a single day or it may take up to a week depending on the number of employees you have and what policies you currently have in place.  Our auditors look at all practices that may impact HR including salaries and time card accuracy with also make sure that all documentation is up to date including tax information.  We review any employee handbooks that you may have put together to make sure that they are up to date.

Labour disputes stem from one of four stages during employment, recruiting, termination, harassment and discipline processes.  We target all of these areas and you, the client are provided with a comprehensive report that will include our findings and any recommendations we feel should be implemented.

Policies and Procedures

Every business should have sound policies and procedure in place that communicates HR policies clearly to all staff members.  These policies must adhere to employment law and any union contracts that you are obligated to, we can review them for you and establish some best practices.  It can save you time and money to allow us to create and maintain employee handbooks that put all of your policies in places for new hires and existing employees.

Not complying with labour laws can cost you and Human Resource Consulting can help you remain current and compliant.  Give us a call to see how we can help you.