Performance evaluations need to be more than just an annual meeting with individual employees.  You need to engage your employees and encourage their development.  The management team must offer proactive and feedback throughout the year and not just when it comes to the annual review.  Performance evaluations give you the opportunity for feedback not just on an employee’s performance but the company’s as well.  This gives you the opportunity to define what success looks like and how they can achieve it.

The Performance Review Process

Every employee should have a clear understanding what is expected of them and they should be given the opportunity to not only meet their goals but to exceed them.  During the executive recruiting process the job descriptions should be made clear. The performance review process gives management and staff the chance to collaborate on upcoming goals for the coming year.  You can layout a plan to take action to meet these goals, leverage an employee’s strengths and find the areas that need improvement.  This should also happen throughout the year, engage in dialogue to measure the progress made to achieving these goals.  Through ongoing development with your staff you can get an understanding of new challenges, find ways to respond to challenges and encourage employees to perform at a higher level.  You have the building blocks for better personal, team and corporate successes throughout the coming year.


Human Resource Consulting can work with your HR department or management team to put together a performance review process that will help with employee engagement, set measurable goals and allow for consistent feedback.  We support managers and team members in reaching their personal and professional objectives.  We do this through a broad range of training and personal development workshops that are created with the specific needs of your staff and organization.  We encourage and work with you to promote a learning culture that allows for your employees to grow and enhance their unique value proposition.

Terminations or Corrective Actions

For most managers the least favorite part of their job is dealing with staff who aren’t performing as they should.  If you have a discipline process clearly in place that can enable your managers to take poor performing employees into an opportunity for development.   Human Resource Consulting can work with your management or HR departments to establish  a clear and fair progressive discipline process that can enable your managers to address issues as they occur rather than just once per year during an annual review process.  You can encourage positivity but at the same time understanding the importance of documentation to mitigate any risk by your company.  Performance conversations are universally uncomfortable and we are here to facilitate the process with your management team and support investigations or mediations